Volkswagen Kübelwagen, (Kübel means pods), a car manufactured by Volkswagen from 1938 to 1945.

The car was manufactured in several variants, among others Type 62 and Type 82nd A typmodell number 157 was equipped to run on rails. Because of fuel shortages outfitted a number of cars with producer gas plant. Some weaknesses that emerged during the campaign in Poland was that the car could not run slow enough, and that accessibility of the terrain was not sufficient. The car was equipped with nedväxlingshus on the rear axle, something that was left on the VW Transporter and even the 1967 model. With gearing down the houses of the car increased ground clearance by approx. 70 mm., and the speed requirement could be met, my 4 km / h, the speed of foot soldiers in terrain.

A total of about 38 000 copies during the Second World War. In relation to the U.S. jeep that was not so many, it was made on about 600 000 copies.

Kübelwagen has become a word in German for a small military off-road vehicles and are used to living in a number of models used by the German military, such as the Volkswagen Type 181 and the Volkswagen Iltis. Name as it is not based on these models.