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Spitfire designed by Reginald Joseph Mitchell, who died some years later from cancer, so he did not live long enough to see through the successes. Spitfire was inspired in his design of the racing planes Supermarine made ​​previously, including the Supermarine S6. Spitfire has elliptical wings, which were difficult to manufacture, which slow down production at the beginning of the war. The first version of the Spitfire was the Mk I with a top speed of 587 km / h, and the last version was the Mk 24th Spitfire had to begin with a two bladed fixed propeller, but the number of propeller blades increased progressively with engine capacity up to five blades in the later versions. All versions had propellers made ​​of wood, and so is the case with the 50 Spitfire flying today. Armament consisted of machine guns in the beginning but later came to be supplemented, and eventually completely replaced by, automatic cannon.

Spitfire had a short turning radius and was used in a valuable way of the pilots of the RAF Royal Air Force (RAF). LyssnaLäs fonetiskt Nytt! Klicka på orden ovan om du vill visa alternativa översättningar. Ta bort permanent

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